Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Become addicted to the drama. A Korean drama. First hear about it when watching a TV Show at KBS World. There are little preview about the drama. Now it reach to the 12th episode. More action, more curiosity and a lot more suspense.

Poseidon describe a story about Korean Coast Guard and Sea Special Action Team (SSAT). They struggle to defend the national from smuggling activity lead by a black group who the leader name Choi Hoi Gun.

Choi Hoi Gun without a human sense will make assassination to whoever blocking his intention include his own man. The victim or sacrifice may missing without single evidence left.

A group from National Coast Guard called Team 9 lead by Chief Director Captain Gwon assist by Kim Sun Woo, Lee Soo Young and three other members chase after Choi Hoi Gun which untill now clueless who he is?

Watch the excitement :p !!!


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